Sr. Designer

Tilmeldingsfrist 20. juni 2019

Do you want to help invent the future of LEGO play? Do you want to use agile methodology in our development process? And do you enjoy working in a small, devoted cross-functional team?


Core Responsibilities

• Conceptualize and develop new LEGO toys, apps, and play experiences from early idea to testable prototype.
• Design play journeys for physical/digital concepts.
• Iterative concept development via rapid ideation and prototyping—emphasis on early mock ups and “fake-o-types” when relevant for learning.
• User testing of development prototypes with consumers (kids); integrating reseach learning into design iterations and finding the fun.
• Internal demos and presentations of the product or play experience.
• Communication touch-point on design experince within the team and to external creative development partners.
• Support the smooth transfer of projects as they mature and teams expand, ensuring that your prototyoe (play experience and code) is able to be re-written to production


Play your part in our team succeeding

Working in Creative Play Lab (CPL) you will be helping to invent the future of LEGO play. You will work in a small, devoted cross-functional team with a start-up feel with colleages specializing in UX, concept & model design, marketing, research and project management. As such, you will work on a variety of projects ranging from small pilot initiatives, to future game-changing LEGO properties and play experiences.

We utilize agile methodology in our development process, building up concepts through a variety of iterations and work-cycles. Our emphasis is on prototyping–for which you are responsible for crafting, developing, and demo-ing to the team and project stakeholders. Our innovation projects gain maturity (and funding) over time until integrating in to existiong franchises, or becoming whole new offerings i.e. LEGO Hidden Side, and LEGO Forma.


Do you have what it takes?

• 3+ years experience in developing connected toys and/or video games.
• Proven ability to build tangible digital/physical prototypes to be tested with kids.
• Ability to capture, communicate, and deomstrate play concept via live/recorded demos and document results.
• Development of prototype code withing one or more major game engines (Unity/Unreal).
• Ideally familiar with C# and/or C++.
• Some international travel required for user testing and department events.


Join the global LEGO family

The LEGO® Group recruits and develops people entirely on merit. If you are confident you have what it takes to succeed in this role – and you share our commitment to creativity, collaboration, and quality – use the APPLY NOW button above or below. Please remember to attach your application and current CV.


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