Opstillingsprogram Calina Manisor 2019

I will work for a trade union for designers, architects and planners in Denmark, a trade union that places a main emphasis on a narrative that supports cohesion, collaboration and development.

The union has so much to offer and is open for everyone, whether they are self-employed, in-work or unemployed. FAOD is characterized by a solid foundation of professionalism, cohesiveness and an openness to change.

In response to this, my wish is to promote a policy that focuses on the individual, and will have a focus not only on the future, but also on the present.

Nonetheless, my trade union policy focus will dwell on how the trade union FAOD in particular can evolve, so that we can embrace the challenges that exist in the labor market for architects and designers.

More particularly, it will dwell on opening doors to more members. My policy will notably focus on foreign architects and designers. As it is today, FAOD welcomes everyone working with the architect and design profession in Denmark.

However, foreign professionals showcase reluctance towards joining the union. This is merely because they are not aware of the advantages that being a part of the union will bring. Networking, cultural interchange, awareness towards the society will live in, are key aspects that could benefit both parties.

Therefore, I believe it is important for FAOD to become approachable from the standpoint of a foreign professional, and this can be done so in a relatively easy manner.

Sidst redigeret: 15. oktober 2019