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The Union of Architects and Designers (FAOD) is a professional association in Denmark with special insight into the careers and working lives of architects and designers.

FAOD’s members primarily hold jobs in architecture, design, urban planning, building permit reviews, and management. They are employees, self-employed, students, freelancers, jobseekers and executives.

FAOD is the obvious forum for anyone whose core competences and fields of activity fall within architecture, design and similar work at a professional level.

As a member, you can draw on a broad range of services aimed at improving your position on the job market. Not only as an employee, but also if you are self-employed.


  • Provides counselling on pay, employment, dismissal and contracts
  • Works to provide the best possible labour market conditions for its members
  • Provides free career development and career coaching to members
  • Offers self-employed members without employees liability and business insurance at favourable premiums
  • Offers members inexpensive insurance, pay protection, health insurance, and bonuses of up to 9% in more than 4,600 shops
  • Offers subscription to an optional trade magazine at a favourable price

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Exclusive rights to negotiate collective agreements

As the only trade union in Denmark, FAOD has collective bargaining rights for the entire architectural profession.

FAOD is independent of party politics and is governed by its 5,700 members. The Board of Representatives is FAOD’s highest authority, and the Board of Representatives elects an Executive Committee.

As a member, you have an opportunity to exert your influence in committees within a number of areas.

FAOD is a union within Akademikerne (the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations) for architects, planners, designers and other people with professional, architect-related work.

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