ICT, VDC and construction robots


13. september 2019 14:00 - 17:30
Tilføj til kalender2019-09-13 14:00:002019-09-13 17:30:00Europe/CopenhagenICT, VDC and construction robotsse på hjemmesidenIDA Byg Sj.


IDA Mødecenter
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1780 København V

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IDA Byg Sj.


10. september

I-construction, autonomation, ICT, VDC and construction robots in construction projects

It is told that the Roman Emperor Augustus banned the invention of the steam engine Aeolipile, as it would be destructive to the economic and social structure of his Empire. Digital technology will not be banned, but what changes are ahead?


Kl 14:00 Check in, coffee

Kl 14:30 Welcome to IDA-house by Thomas Damkjær Petersen, Chairman at IDA

Kl 14:40 Introduction and the seminar program by Nils Lykke Sørensen, SBi-AAU

Kl 14:50 VDC, BIM, ICT and i-Construction by Andreas Kragh, Niras A/S

Kl 15:10 From i-Constrution to FM linking CIT, BIM and IoT by Nicki Blådal, CEO at CXweb, Marie Bryld Wolsing, Sustainability Engineer at COWI

Kl 15:30 RAW’s robot by Finn Christensen, Co-Founder & CTO, RAW’s robot

Kl 15:50 Break

Kl 16:00 Precise Management and Autonomous Construction Robots in Japan Precise Management and Autonomous Construction Robots in Japan by Dr. Kazuyoshi Tateyama, Ritsumeikan Universiyt, Japan

Kl 16:20 Future with 3D Printed Construction by Ole Ellinghausen, M.Sc., Project Manager, COBOD International

Kl 16:40 Discussion of development and implementation of i-construction and new techology in construction

Kl 17:00 Closing, sandwich and networking

Deepening of the topics

Introduction to the program by Senior Researcher Nils Lykke Sørensen, SBi

The meeting is about using VDC in design and construction planning, and how ICT is introduced in advanced construction technology. How is productivity improved by construction robots, unmanned construction machines, construction autonomation and 3D construction printing?

VDC, BIM, ICT and i-Construction by Client Adviser Andreas Kragh, Niras A/S

How is VDC used in cooperation between companies to specify the building and the construction planning? How is requirements specified in a common 3D-model and divided in building parts and used in Location-based Scheduling (LBS)? What have we learned from educating managers and workers in LBS?

From i-Constrution to FM linking CIT, BIM and IoT by Partner Nicki Blådal, CXweb

How is Facitity Management (FM) linked to BIM in design and construction, and how is IoT-sensors used in autonomation of commissioning tests and performance monitoring in FM. Results from an interdisciplinary FM-research project between DTU, KEA and CXweb will be presented.

Robots and Autonomation by Co-Founder Finn Christensenn Robot At Work

Robot At Work has moved robots to the construction site. Raw is a user-friendly robot platform that can perform tasks in painting, milling, cutting, grinding, picking & placing. Practical example will be presented, and how construction workers are trained to program and installRaw.

Precise Management and Autonomous Construction Robots in Japan by Dr. Kazuyoshi Tateyama, Ritsumeikan Universiyt, Japan

Aggressive use of ICT in i-Construction, precise management and autonomous construction robots will be presented. Examples on the impact on production volume, productivity and CO2 emission will be given. Evolution of unmanned construction machines and autonomous robots will be described.

3D Construction Printing by Project Manager Ole Ellinghausen, COBOD International

The principles of 3D construction printing will be presented, and how the new BOD2 printer works. Example will be given of 3D construction printing and how the project cost can be calculated. It will be discussed how quickly the technic will penetrate the construction market.

Practical information

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