Membership benefits

As a member of FAOD, you have access to a long list of membership benefits.


Personal counselling
As an employee in Denmark or abroad, you can request advice and counselling on all matters relating to pay and employment conditions. Use us as a sounding board in your career planning. Let us read your employment contract before you change to a new job. Or let us help you if you are having problems with your employer – you may need legal assistance.

Are you stuck in your career or do you need help to get a foothold in the job market? Our career coach can help you. We are happy to draw on other member contacts, and we can help you gain greater insight into your own strengths.

Trade magazines
We offer discounts on four trade magazines targeted architects and designers: Arkitekten, Landskab, FRAME and ELEPHANT. If you are a student, new graduate or passive member, one free magazine is included in the membership fee.

Job portal
We collect all vacant jobs for architects and designers on our homepage. That means you only have to look in one place.

FAOD publishes a weekly newsletter with relevant news and information about architecture, design and labour market issues. Once a month, a web magazine expands the news with related articles on architects and designers.

FAOD offers its members discounts at selected partners. This includes insurance policies, 4,600 shops, Danish Architecture Centre (DAC), and courses.

More benefits (in danish)

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